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Meet Ulysa Mashell

Ulysa Mashell brings compassion, understanding, and hope to all her clients and family members alike. Ulysa is well-experienced in social services and highly acclaimed in her field. She began her career in the Marine Corps where she was honorably discharged in 2000. Serving her country inspired Ulysa to find other ways to better the lives of others. Ulysa found her love for social services while working in her local school system during her pursuit of higher education. As a program coordinator, she worked with students at all levels, including individuals with behavioral issues and developmental disabilities.

Ulysa saw a great need in her community that motivated her to pursue employment as an in home counselor. She obtained her Associate’s Degree in Psychology from Barton County Community College, her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University, and her Masters of Science Degree in Psychology from Regent University. Ulysa is most renowned for her broad skill base; she is a natural leader, expert problem-solver, and exceptional public speaker! In her spare time, Ulysa loves to volunteer within the community and she is actively involved with her local church, True Life Family Ministry.

Coaching Services

As a thriver of trauma, entrepreneur and master in psychology, Ulysa Mashell offers a wide range of expertise in the areas of trauma, business development, and grief Life Coaching. focusing on you sharing space with you the individual, she provides client-centered services where the foundation of focus and concern is you. identifying what works for you, what opportunities are of value to your future self or company and which ones are not, as we work together to direct a course toward your desired aspirations of success.  align your vision with a process toward that end goal you want to see!

It is both my honor and goal to help you actualize your dream to growth. We offer a built in strategy that encompasses our client’s current situation, their overall aspirations, and the support they have in place to make aspirations obtainable with execution. Through a thorough understanding of your personal vision, you can build a reliable and effective plan of action to achieve your goals and live the successes of all your hard work, preservation, and determination. I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you today.


Author Corner

Growing up with an “I can” mentality Ulysa utilized journaling and poetry to express herself. Relating to authors like Maya Angelo, Doctor Seuss as well as stories like Hellen Keller, Who Moved my Cheese, Romeo and Juliet. She found solace in the empowerment of the literary realm. Ulysa has over 20 self published books. She is set to embark on her first book tour at the end of 2024. Her books can be found on Amazon as well as with distributors like Barnes and Noble. Majority of her books are self help for the younger generation. Although she has written a new psycho-educational series to assist an audience of every age, familiarize themself with common diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, and so much more. Reach out to book Ulysa Mashell or for your personalized signed copy today!


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