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Our Author Corner

Ulysa Mashell brings compassion, understanding, and hope to all her clients and family members alike. Ulysa is well-experienced in social services and highly acclaimed in her field. She began her career in the Marine Corps where she was honorably discharged in 2000. Serving her country inspired Ulysa to find other ways to better the lives of others. Ulysa found her love for social services while working in her local school system during her pursuit of higher education. As a program coordinator, she worked with students at all levels, including individuals with behavioral issues and developmental disabilities.

My Books

The "MY FIRST" book series was created with my grandchildren in mind. Each educational aid assists children with common words that kids will learn to recognize using repetition. Parents can read sight words to their child nightly until their little learner recognizes the word. Kids become faster, more fluent readers with sight words.

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Infant Sight Words

With the "MY FIRST BOOK" series, your child can start their reading journey with a fun and engaging book that introduces them to common sight words and familiarizes them with their environment. The colorful illustrations are sure to capture their attention and the simple language is perfect for infants and toddlers who are just starting to learn language. As your child grows, the "MY FIRST BOOK" series grows with them, helping them evolve in different areas of study.

This book is not only a great tool for teaching children new words, but it is also a wonderful way to bond with your child as you read together. You can ask them questions about the pictures, point out objects in their own environment that they may recognize, and encourage them to repeat the words they are learning.

By sharing how this book helped your child in the comment section, you can also help other parents who are looking for effective ways to teach their children new words and build their vocabulary. So, start your child's reading journey today with the "MY FIRST BOOK" series and watch as they grow and learn with each new book.



Shapes Book

This beautifully illustrated educational tool is a wonderful addition to the "MY FIRST BOOK" series. There are almost 50 pages of both common shapes and geometrical ones.

Learning geometric shapes help children to understand concepts such as forming a shape, lines, angles, patterns and the number of sides making these shape sight words ideal for learners of all ages. Watch your learners mathmatical vocabulary increase as they familiarize themselves with each unique shape. I hope you enjoy the reading journey. Please share how this book helped your child in the comment section below.



Anatomy Book

Introducing anatomy to children at an early age can be a great way to foster their curiosity about the human body and how it functions. This adorable anatomy book is a perfect tool for parents who want to educate their children about the basic concepts of human anatomy in a fun and engaging way.

With colorful illustrations and simple sight words, children can easily learn to identify common exterior parts associated with human anatomy. This book not only helps children develop their cognitive skills but also encourages them to explore their own bodies and ask questions about how it works.

By introducing children to anatomy at an early age, parents can help them become more comfortable with their bodies and promote a healthy body image. This can also help lay the foundation for future studies in science and medicine.

So, whether your child dreams of becoming a doctor or simply loves learning about the human body, this book is a great addition to any young explorer's library. Get them started on their journey of discovery today and watch as they develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the amazing machine that is the human body.

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Am I A Liar

Introducing tough topics to students can be a delicate task, but the "MOMMY/DADDY AM I" series does it in a non-threatening manner. The series aims to help students learn, discuss, and reflect on tough topics with a trusted adult. One of the books in the series lightly touches on the subject of lying.

By creating a safe environment to explore these topics, students can feel more comfortable discussing difficult subjects and gaining a deeper understanding of the consequences of their actions. Each book in the series concludes with the concept that we as individuals are in control of our choices. We can choose to change or stay the same.

This important message empowers students to take responsibility for their actions and make positive choices for themselves and those around them. By introducing these concepts early in life, students can develop a strong sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to making good choices.

So, whether your child is struggling with a difficult topic or simply wants to learn more about making positive choices, the series is a great addition to any young reader's library. By opening up a dialogue and creating a safe space to discuss tough topics, parents can help their children develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.


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